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Luke 11: 42


"Mr. Radoff recognizes that we don’t live in an ideal world and unfortunately the worst can happen, including divorce.  Being a Christian woman, I was so afraid of doing the wrong thing and what God would think of me if I got a divorce.  But my husband left me no choice.  His verbal abuse over the years became unbearable.  Enough was enough.  Mr. Radoff was referred to me by a Christian friend.  I liked him instantly and trusted him to take care of me.  What a great decision I made in going with him!  While handling my case, he never left my side and returned my phone calls almost immediately each time.  I've never heard of that kind of caring service from any other attorney.  I'm proud to refer Mr. Radoff to anyone who needs an attorney."  Sharon T., Orange County, CA

"If you are looking for an honest and compassionate lawyer specializing in Christian family law problems, I highly recommend Franklin Radoff. 
He is a very honest, dedicated, reliable individual.  His thorough methods of handling each aspect of my child and spousal support issues and successful outcome, are good examples of his level of professionalism.  Thank you!"  Shawn W., Encino, CA

"I found Mr. Radoff on the Internet and was afraid to speak to an attorney even though I read his bio and found him to be extremely qualified to handle my matter. But I called him anyway and found him to be my guardian angel! He promptly returned my first call and all calls thereafter. I was surprised to learn that he does not charge to talk to his client's after he is retained, which he says is his method to maintain quality service and communication levels between himself and his clients. God bless you Mr. Radoff!"  Marianne K., Thousand Oaks, CA

"Mr. Radoff is the real thing!  I know my representation was rooted in Christian principles and ethics.  At every decision point, Mr. Radoff guided to provide for my family's needs with a very little conflict and stress, moving me quickly and effectively toward peace and stability."  Kathy W., San Diego, CA 

"My husband had controlled all of our finances for over 20 years of our marriage. I did not pay much attention to this area of our lives. I was a stay at home mom and took care of our home and  children. When I decided to file for divorce, I found I did not have access to any of our monies as it was all in my husband's name! I borrowed money from my friends and relatives, retained Mr. Radoff, and he promptly went to court and obtained an order for my support and payment of funds from my husbands accounts I had no knowledge of he had. He also obtained an order to pay for Mr. Radoff's fees and expenses. I am sure glad I found Mr. Radoff so that I could get back on my feet financially.  I definitely will refer him to everyone I know!"  Marilyn T., Orange County, CA

“I am happy to recommend Franklin Radoff without hesitation or reservation. Among other things, I found him to be a very Godly individual with lots of integrity, as well as an excellent attorney.  You will find that Mr. Radoff is not only abreast of the law but that he will work very hard for you . He will never disappoint you.”   Thomas R., Los Angeles, CA

"I got married and about 9 months later, I wanted to get a divorce when I discovered that the person I thought was devoted to me, played around on the Internet with pornographic sites and sex parties on and off the Internet!  He supposedly was a Christian man and we even went to church and bible study regularly.  When I busted him he denied everything. I wanted out of the marriage. I contacted Mr. Radoff's office and he told me that I could get an annulment. Mr. Radoff acted promptly and my annulment was granted. I have recommend Mr. Radoff office to all my friends." Lori R., Los Angeles, CA

"Mr. Radoff's office handled my custody matter very different then my first attorney. He respects fathers' rights and after Mr. Radoff suggested mediation I obtained joint custody with my wife of our 8 year old son. He was able to convince my wife's attorney that our son needed a dad as much as he needed his mother. My wife and I now trade weeks and our son is happier to share our homes with both spouses."  Kevin M., Ventura, CA

"Before hiring Mr. Radoff's office, I wondered if he would be turning me over to a younger attorney or one not as skilled as he was. What I found out was that, ONLY Mr. Radoff returned my calls and ONLY Mr. Radoff came with me to court. I was very satisfied with his services and compassionate and understanding ways."   Jennifer S., Westlake, CA

"My wife and children moved away without my permission and Mr. Radoff was able to order my children back and I got custody because of my wife's conduct. It is a good thing that I found Mr. Radoff and after retaining his services, he acted within a few days to obtain an order for the return of my children. My wife has returned to my town as well, and is now trying to get more custody, but I feel confident with Mr. Radoff and will keep working with him.  I appreciate his integrity and the way he's handling all aspects of my case."  Phil W., Oakland, CA

"I owed the Dept. of Child Support Services over $175,000 including interest in back child and spousal support from monies paid to my ex-wife by the state. I thought I could file bankruptcy and wipe out the debt one day. Boy was I wrong! Filing bankruptcy has no effect on child or spousal support sums ordered by the court. I found out the hard way! Mr. Radoff was able to settle my claim with Child Services for $25,000 and got this monkey off my back. If you have a problem with the Dept. of Child Support services, call Mr. Radoff's office as soon as possible for help, as he can settle your debt owing the State for much less than you owe."  Kenneth W., Sherman Oaks, CA

"My husband and I rented a house with our two children. We were having terrible arguments so he decided not to pay rent. Our entire family was evicted so I decided to find out my options about getting a divorce. I am so glad I found Mr. Radoff's office, who offered me a free phone consultation. We hit it off over the phone and I immediately knew I had found myself a qualified experienced attorney that I could afford. I would recommend Mr. Radoff and frequently do, so that my friends and family can always be given straight answers to their legal issues.  Mr.Radoff is a very honest and straight forward person."  Cristina L., Los Angeles, CA

"My child custody case was a difficult one and many lawyers refused to handle it. Franklin Radoff went above and beyond the call of duty! I must have interviewed 50 different lawyers and I believe none would have prepared my case as thoroughly as he did. I appreciate that his fees were quite a bit less money than other lawyers in the area too. I was always kept 'in the loop' of new developments right as they were happening. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Franklin Radoff to anyone!"  Robert B., Long Beach, CA

"I was faced with a difficult divorce/custody situation and needed legal advice and representation. I felt fortunate to have been given Mr. Radoff's name. In the past I have had distrust for lawyers in general, because of prior dealings with other lawyers. However, I felt comfortable with Mr. Radoff. It's nice to find a lawyer who does his profession very well. You were easy to reach, returned my calls promptly, and explained things in an easy to understand manner. Together we addressed what was in the best interest of my children. Your kindness and professionalism will always be remembered. I look forward to calling upon you in the future for other legal representations."   Taishiya R., Riverside, CA

"I am writing to tell you Mr. Radoff, how grateful I am for finding you. You are a blessing!  In handling my divorce, you were extremely knowledgeable about what I was entitled to, and did everything to see that I got it. You really listened and understood my worries and made timely efforts with the negotiations to fulfill my needs. As a result, my settlement was substantial as well as very protective of my future as well as my children’s and their education. Once again, thank you Mr. Radoff for really being there for me."  Melinda W., Woodland Hills, CA

"I'd like to take this opportunity to commend Mr. Radoff on the excellent work his firm performed during my divorce in handling my issues as a true professional and expert from the very beginning. Mr. Radoff, you are not only personable and considerate but you also truly know your field of expertise. Whenever I had a question, or concern, you were always there. I would not hesitate to do business with your firm in the future."  Sam L., Modesto, CA

"Merry Christmas and the very best for a Happy New Year to Franklin Radoff and family...A great lawyer and a wonderful person!"  Lynette S., San Diego, CA

"I'd like to express my appreciation in the manner that Franklin Radoff handled my divorce and custody problems. He did a great job and brought me great peace of mind. I will tell relatives, friends and anyone who asks about his services. If I should need any legal advice, I surely will count with Mr. Radoff's services. Thank you again."  Barbara K., Hemet, CA

"Thank you Mr. Radoff, for all your help and support in this difficult time, and for making it as smooth as possible".  Jonathon T., San Francisco, CA

"Thank you for everything, Mr. Radoff and most of all, thank you for putting up with me!"  Sara P., Los Angeles, CA

Thank you Mr. Radoff for all the help and support since I contacted you regarding my divorce. When I saw you I trusted you instantly. It's the first time somebody supported me with facing the difficulty of my husband. You gave me more help than listed in the contract.  I highly recommend you to anyone looking for a honest lawyer who guides you through difficult decisions, lays the facts and options out clearly that they put their confidence in you, Mr. Radoff. Thank you again for your integrity."  Byron D., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

"Your patience was greatly appreciated Mr. Radoff. My decision to divorce or not to divorce was made less complicated by your recommendations. If my marriage does not heal, I know I can count on your counsel. Many thanks to you."  Diane J., Agoura Hills, CA

"Franklin Radoff knows the law. He is a reliable strong attorney but even more important he knows people and is respectful of his clients' emotional needs. I will recommend Franklin to anyone who needs an attorney they can trust and who is ethical and moral in his advice."  Shana R., Hollywood, CA

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Christian divorce :: Christian family law :: Christian mediation :: divorce advice :: child custody issues spousal support :: California divorce :: alimony :: articles :: document preparation :: letters counties :: los Angeles :: ventura :: santa barabara :: san bernardino :: orange :: san diego kern :: riverside :: plumas :: lassen